The Decision-Growth Cycle

The core of the Global Young Leader initiative, the handbook tells the story of the model and how it is created by and for young people.
Read it, work with it and make it your own!

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The Decision-Growth Cycle

What is the Handbook?

A practical framework on understanding how to integrate your personal needs, creativity and individuality in your personal and professional life.
8 Young People as the Authors
We brought together 8 international young people, who were all in the midst of creating their life path, to share their diverse personal and professional experiences.
8 Life Stories as the Content
This brought together 8 different life stories, shaped by completely unique, personal and professional decisions, which we evaluated, discussed and analyzed to find solutions on
how to deal with the day-to-day challenges of young people.
A Universal Model
From these stories we identified practical and relevant examples, approaches and solutions. This led to 'the Decision-Growth Cycle', a general model with a step-by-step framework of the common processes young people face when making important
life decisions.
Application to You
The framework provides each young person with a structure to "plug-in" their own unique professional and personal context. Following the steps of the model, you can apply the solutions and tools to your own life.
Insight & Action
The reflection and insight from the model can serve as a resource for understanding our decision-making. We can use this as a starting point to actively, confidently and with leadership direct our lives in the way
we desire.
The handbook is the story and explanation of 'the Decision-Growth Cycle'. Rather than seeing the reasons and outcomes of our decision-making and how this influences our life path as an unpredictable "black box", the model provides a clear and simple understanding of how we can manage all the different aspects of the decision-making process to actively lead our life's path.

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Snapshots of how the Model Came to Be

The 8 authors spent one week together in Sicily, an island in the Mediterranean Sea. Our goal was to create an environment that facilitated openness and comfort for the in-depth analysis of all the personal and professional experiences of the authors. To give you an idea of what our workshops will be like, check out below some of the snapshots of how and where we worked!