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These international Global Young Leaders have already connected and exchanged their personal and professional life's experiences using the model. Follow us on our journey and share your own!
Global Young Leader Authors
Carmen Augusto
26 years old
Beira, Mozambique, Africa
23 years old
Hilversum, the Netherlands, Europe
27 years old
New Jersey, USA, North-America
25 years old
Seattle, USA, North-America
25 years old
Munich, Germany, Europe
24 years old
Incheon, South-Korea, Asia
Ruggero Lambertini
28 years old
Napoli, Italy, Europe
24 years old
Tver, Russia, Eurasia
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Expert Project in Sicily

Palermo, Sicily, Italy
For 6 days in July 2018, we brought together 8 young individuals from 4 different continents from around the world in a small local Sicilian town called Borgetto. The Sicilian island represented a central place between continents and provided an environment where the young people were out of their usual study-work-life routine. They would evaluate as experts whether and how they integrated their needs, values and passions while facing life's challenges. We worked around the clock, sharing life stories, analyzing experiences and challenging each other for approaches and solutions.

The week, filled with peer-to-peer, non-judgemental and open-minded exchange, resulted in 'the Decision-Growth Cycle', a model based on the practical real-world experiences of young people. This model is accessible through the online publication, our international workshops and the online interactive platform for young people from around the world.

Workshop at
'De Bildung Academie'

Amsterdam, the Netherlands
In January, we organized two Global Young Leader workshops for the 27 master students of the Bildung Academie in Amsterdam. Initiated in 2015, the Bildung Academie was created from the bottom-up by 40 students and educators. Their mission is to make holistic development accessible to each individual. In the past four years, they have been able to offer a wide variety of Bildung Academie programs to more than 600 students and professionals, and, have assisted more than 20 educational institutions with integrating the Bildung concept within their education and organization.

During our workshop at the Bildung Academie, we worked with the master students to apply our Decision-Growth Cycle model to an important decision they were facing: choosing an internship that would lay the foundation for their professional careers. By working through the model, the group exchanged their experiences and challenges, and were able to approach the decision with new insights, tools and confidence.

GYL Workshop in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Coming soon!
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