Learn from and with other young people to create new insights
and tools for your life story!

Meet the Workshops

Moving from city to city around the world, the Global Young Leader workshops create a firsthand, in-depth working with the Decision-Growth Cycle between you and other young people. Within the interactive peer-to-peer setting, every young person is seen as the expert in their own personal and professional experiences. Share your story, learn, apply, and sign-up now!
Working From one Young
Person to Another
We create an interactive and open exchange between you and other young people, to share your own unique life story and background while working through your personal and professional decisions, challenges, and solutions.
Understanding the Model
Lead by one of the 8 Global Young Leaders authors, we provide an in-depth explanation of the model and its elements, and, how you can recognize yourself and your life's experiences in the general framework of the model.
Application to Your Life Story
"Plug-in" your unique life's experiences and decision-making to see how the model and its elements relate to your life's path and decisions.
Reflection & Insight
(Re-)Evaluate how you make decisions, starting from the motivations and influences for the decision, the decision itself, and what happened afterwards. Reflect on how your mindset and environment impacted your decisions and on the tools or approaches you need to reach your goals.
Benefit & Discover
Benefit from the understanding and insight the model provides, and discover new approaches and solutions to your life's challenges.
By working and discussing through the model together with other young people in a open, interactive setting, the insights and tools from workshops with 'the Decision-Growth Cycle' allow us to direct our lives and decision-making confidently, based on our needs and passions.
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