Living Life By Your Own Design

Create Life On Your Own Terms

We are the creators of our lives, and one of the main mechanisms we use in order to do so is our decision-making. Through our conscious and unconscious decision-making we are constantly creating our day-to-day experience, our personal and professional lives, and our own happiness.

But while we are making our decisions there are numerous underlying elements that influence that process. Our unique environment and the players in it, our mindset, emotions, rationality, the challenges we encounter, and our personal toolbox. They all impact our ability to create the life that we desire in supportive and discouraging ways.

By taking a closer look and through understanding how these influences specifically impact our state of mind and life path, we can direct them towards a place that aligns with our own personal needs and individuality. We can cherish the influences that support us in reaching our goals and develop solutions for the ones that work against us.

So how exactly do we manage all these influences? How do we make decisions that really bring us joy and fulfilment? What new tools and approaches do we need to develop in order to tackle all the challenges that we encounter along the way?

In this workshop you'll connect with other participants around your impactful decisions, challenges, and solutions through an interactive, open, peer-to-peer exchange. Together we'll work to gain understanding into your unique decision-making process and all the underlying elements that influence it, and develop personalized and practical tools and approaches to tackle your real-world challenges so that you can create life by your own design.

This workshop is focused on peer-to-peer solutions. No big name theory or leadership. Just open, honest, and constructive dialogue with people from all over the world around important topics and how you can do better at being yourself. You are the expert of your life. Learn from each other's impactful experiences and stories, get inspired, and develop new approaches for your life story.

Structure of the Workshop

Sharing your life story, impactful decisions, challenges, and solutions through an interactive, open, and non-judgmental exchange
Applying the model structure of the 'Decision-Growth Cycle' and workshop content to your unique and personal life context and decision-making
Reflect & evaluate how you make decisions, starting from the motivations and influences for the decision, the decision itself, and what happened afterwards. Reflect on how your mindset and environment impacted your decisions and on the tools or approaches you need to reach your goals.
Discovering what works for you by identifying
and developing practical and personal tools and approaches to take on your unique life challenges
Important Themes Covered
Effect of mindset on actions and decision-making (self-motivation vs. fear and worries)
Impact of and dealing with external influences like judgments and opinions of society, parents, friends, social-media
Using existing personal toolbox and developing new tools for goal setting and goal maintenance
Integration of intuition, emotions, and rationality within personal decision-making
How do I motivate/judge/evaluate myself and why?
How do I turn negative experiences and challenges into learning opportunities
The value of learning through experience

When, Where and How?

Amsterdam, Rome, Paris
Sunday, 31 January 2021
06:00 PM - 08:15 PM CET /// 09:00 AM - 11:15 AM PST
Saturday, 27 February 2021
07:00 PM - 09:15 PM CET /// 10:00 AM - 12:15 PM PST

More dates announced soon!
ONLINE: We will share a Zoom link with all the participants to connect on the right day!
€32.65 per person. A maximum of 10 participants per workshop

Cancellation policy
For any cancellation please notify 72hrs in advance to not be charged.
Amsterdam, Rome, Paris
What will you get out of the workshop?
Understanding: insight into personal decision-making process
Practical real-world and personally relevant tools and approaches needed to reach goals
Increased effective decision-making, leadership and confidence: understand -> adapt -> apply
A personalized method for self-directing your life experience