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GYL Teams
GYL Hubs

Our Partners, Ambassadors and Worldwide Supporters
Discover the organization
Global Young Leaders is about bringing people together in peer-to-peer, non-judgmental environments around the meaningful life themes that we all come across while creating our life's path. We create spaces and workshops that serve as mini-communities where people can momentarily strip away the external noise, pressure, and expectations that clutter the mind, so that they can connect to themselves and others, develop individualized life skills and approaches, and see clearly what they feel, think, need, and desire. Global Young Leaders is centered around learning, authenticity, and you becoming better being yourself.

Built by young people for young people from across the globe.
Core Team
Our core team has it's Headquarters in the French West Indies
and is shaped by: Christiaan, Marja, Leona, and Meghna.
Founder &
Content Director
Founder &
Managing Director
Leona Françoise
Social Media &
GYL Community Manager
Business Development
Hub Manager
GYL Hubs
The GYL organization is made up out of a network of global GYL Hubs, united by the GYL banner. Hubs are groups of dedicated GYL team members located in different cities across the globe. Hubs build our organization through working on local expansion, partnerships, and
organizing and facilitating workshops.
The San Francisco Hub, California, USA
After the publishing of our handbook in early 2019, we soon transformed our handbook into workshops, which we started hosting in-person in the Netherlands.
Meghna (a San Francisco resident) flew overseas to join a workshop in the Netherlands, and expressed her excitement and passion for taking GYL overseas. We saw this as a sign to jump the pond to San Francisco in early 2020.

At one of our first workshops in California, Nancy, as a decision-making workshop participant., sent us a message on how our workshop had changed her life's choices and direction, and that she wanted to be a part of our team in San Francisco!

Fast forward Meghna and Nancy have become integrated members of the GYL team, working on networking, workshop facilitating and establishing our first international GYL Hub.
Hub manager
Workshop facilitator
San Francisco
Workshops from the top floor! Looking at life differently

Workshop facilitator
San Francisco
Building bridges with our Decision-Growth-Model
The Amsterdam Hub, North-Europe
While we were setting up our hub across the pond, workshop participants Jetty, Ashmi, and Jonne in the Netherlands were inspired and wanted to copy the concept of a Hub for Amsterdam and be involved in GYL as workshop facilitators
to inspire young people to create life by their own design.
Hub manager
Workshop facilitator

Workshop facilitator

Workshop facilitator
Amsterdam HUB
Workshops below sea level!
French West Indies Hub
By coincidence we arrived at a caribean island in the middle of the North Atlantic Sea and decided to create this as our headquarters, perfectly centered between four continents North, Middle and South America, Africa and Europe. Soon it became the third hub when workshops were given to other islands
close by.
Hub manager
Workshop facilitator

Workshop facilitator
Workshops where participants arrive by boat!

Workshops on islands!
Want to be part of our Hubs or create a next one near you?
Contact to find out how!
Our network
We value the support of young people because they represent the foundation of our initiative! Our world map contains the names and nationalities of all the individuals who support our project. Coming from all corners of the world, their names show our collective, global mission of empowering young people to create their life with joy, fulfilment and personal leadership.
North, Middle & South America
About Design thinking. It has not yet been fully embraced by business leaders as a means to navigate thed
Matthew Bailey, Anne-Constance Blanchette, Caelin Paterson

Magdi Ahmed, Alison Cook, Colin Cook, Gloria Cuthbertson, Savannah Cuthbertson, Youssef Elbehri, Alexander Elias, Alexandra Goodman, Aimée Guidry, Maggie Haraburda, Diana Hickox, Michelle Hill, Jasmine John, Shelby Kammarer, Signi Livingstone-Peters, Audra Mansager, Olivia Mansager, Katerina McGrath, Ryan McManus, Lucas Miller, Melissa Morrow, Margrette Quinn, Meghna Purkayastha, Daniella Roberge, Lauren Roberts, Brittany Roberts, Dino Romeo, Amy Rouse, Savanna Stevens, Justin Tuimavana, Jessica Voorhees, Rachel Vosler, Lauren Williams

Puerto Rico
Margarita Valldejuly

Andrea Remes, Fernanda Sapiña


Ana María Sampson

Lay Kuen Yee

Trinidad & Tobago
Stefan Kaufmann

Mateo Galindo Cubides


Verónica Ayala Cobos

Clara Prado

Nicolás Nemtala, María Laura Nemtala


Santiago Martinez Sosa, Candelaria Martinez Sosa

Europe, Africa & the Middle-East
Vera Jónsdóttir

Andreas Dalhaug, Sofie Granberg, Jamie Nyqvist

Sarah Alveryd

Alice Fowler, Heather McOuat, Gregor Stevenson


Sam Brown, Daniel Brown, Eleanor Pullan, Samson Sahmland-Bowling, Saif Sarwar


Aisling Coolahan

The Netherlands

Ben Alblas, Isabelle Best, Rani Bindraban, Hyunsik Byun, Leona Caanen, Tim Driebergen, Sabine Evers, Tessa Foree, Loes Formsma, Irene de Jager, Helay Jelia, Laura Kalkman, Yann van der Klauw, Jetty Klaver, Nina Kwakman, Julia van Leeuwen, Derek Loots, Gilberto Morishaw, Jannis van der Perk, Susanne Reitsma, Naomi Peters Rit, Myrte Rischen, Julia Robaard, Levi Tassenaar, Kadir Trabelsi, Marjolein Verbeek, Maral Yakoub


Julia Blume, Helene Franck, Emily Grund, Leon Kaestele, Fabio Ketter, Stefanie Kloos, Natalie Kopczewski, Kathinka Mueller-Preisler, Sarah Plattes, Katharina Rohrer

Lucille Befort, Jonathan Morales, Léa Réginault

Zhenia Obukhova

Czech Republic

Dagmar Zacharová


Matko Poribija


Daniel Mońka

Daria Dimitrova, Evgenia Voutcheva

Giorgia Argomenti, Eleonora Barone, Vittorio Basei, Nicole Bensaia, Akash Cetorelli, Emy Cianci, Federico Ciuffa, Francesca Coccia, Domitilla Corsini, Francesco Dinmore, Valentina Dionisi, Orlando Figus, Julia Franchi, Veronica Gabriele, Lorenzo Gagliardi, Alessia Giombini, Giulia Giordio, Thomas Genovali, Ludovica Grieco, Leonora Grilli, Fredrik Jonsson, Niccolo Lais, Lamberto Lambertini, Francesco Leonardi, Irene Lodigiani, Sofia Mauceri, Andres Bermeo Marinelli, Diego Misasi, Bianca Oetiker, Laura Ranieri, Raffaele Rullo, Elettra Scrivo, Claudia Simonelli, Giulia Toti, Tiziano Toncig


Alexandra Acero, Elena Gutiérrez, Maddalen Ledahawsky, Irene Lucini, Alfredo Moreno


Hasan Agayev


Faisal Janabi

Seif Roushdy

Basia Diagne


Munyoro Samson Katsande


Dário Camal


Aida Abba, Mohamed El Amin

Asia & Oceania
About Design thinking. It has not yet been fully embraced by business leaders as a means to navigate thed
South Korea
Hyuck-jun Seo

Alfio Lococo

Lalit Bhati, Mudit Gambhir, Husam Ibrahim, Prateek Nair, Neha Pillai

Zhaohan Shen, Elizabeth Nguyen Son

Myles Ferris


Caleb Becsi, Michael Bowers, Cam Fraser, Sarah Louise-Todd

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