life-skill workshops

Preparing your students for the real-world
Workshops that talk about the life-skills to navigate real-world challenges
We organize open and personalized peer-to-peer learning workshops at schools and universities in which students are given the room to freely discuss their meaningful and real-world experiences, gain understanding into life themes and themselves, and develop personalized and practical tools and approaches so they feel empowered to coach themselves and to create life by their own design.
GYL-developed frameworks
for key life topics
Our programs are focused around the key life themes decision-making, external influence and pressure, mindset, and intuition that everyone interacts with on a daily basis. For each life theme, students will utilize a GYL-developed framework that enables them to understand the process behind such a theme and changes the theme from 'black box' to something they can take the lead in.
We offer 3 varieties of programs
Individual workshops around single key life themes to fit in one of your semesters or well-being weeks.
A 5-session program including 5 key life themes to cover a full academic year of student empowerment.
A global 24/7 online place with events, content pieces, round tables and video's on life-skills for students.
Want to learn more, ask any questions, or suggest a workshop or program in your educational institute? Reach out to us through our Global Young Leader Form or send an email to our contact lead