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GYL Life-Skill Platform

Online platform for young people, by young people
International events
Monthly, interactive roundtables & speaker events
with unique international inspiring discussions,

Courses at your own pace
24/7 access to key life-skills for your key life-topics
to master the big life themes and create life by your own design!
Solutions to life's questions & challenges
Imagine a course that complements life and deals with the real-world challenges we encounter as young people. The GYL Life Training Program is the all-in-one experience developed by young people, for young people to assist you in creating the answers and approaches to YOUR life challenges.
Topics you'll find on the Platform
Media Partners
Sound production and light creators. The company has already worked with big city projects as "City collectors" in 2019.
Crop and Highlight is business culture and design issue for a world globe audience of readers.
Pixie Labs is an educational project in culture, languages, and communications. The project is spread all over the world and works with kids, teens, and adults.
Marine is a community of those who is deeply in sailing and has an adventurous mind. Explore teams, boats and places.
Type of events on the GYL Platform
Speaker Events
International young speakers tell their story with inspiring ingredients, motivations, tips and life-skill tools.

You'll have a look at someone else in the world and see and hear how they manage and create life by their own design.

You'll get an opportunity to ask questions and connect to other young people from all over the world.
Round Table Events
Round Table events are small, intimate groups of young, international people that debate around a life-theme.

It is an excellent opportunity for you to participate with questions, sharing experiences and solutions.

You'll get the chance to interact with other international young people and hear their view and approaches.
Speaker event 2021
Round Table 2022
Access to courses 24/7 at your own pace
  • Written pieces about
    All content is developed for young people, and entirely based on real-world, practical personal and professional experiences from other young people from different cultures, backgrounds.
  • Videos about
    life-theme experiences
    See and hear to what your peers experience and how they manage changes, challenges and personal and professional decision-making. Be inspired by their story.
  • Life-theme exercises
    Find some magic exercises that show you how you can connect your own dots in your life picture.
  • Life-theme illustrations
    Somebody once said, if you cannot draw the story than the story is not ready yet. Find here the illustrated storie-tellings about real-world challenges and practical life skills.
Personal mentoring
  • Life-themes YOU want to bring to the table
    Choose a life-theme upon which we mentor. It may be a life-theme of your own or a life-theme from our GYL topics such as decision-making, outside world , intuition and mindset. Just bring to the table the topic you want to reflect on.
  • GYL mentors
    Our GYL mentors come from our GYL Team. They are involved in our workshops, working with young people from all over the world about their personal and professional challenges. and applying life-skills in daily life.
  • Open and non-judgmental setting
    During the mentor sessions we aim to strip away all external noise, expectations, pressures, and judgments. We work on creating understanding into the obstacles located on their path and how to create opportunities and tools to move forward with increased clarity and awareness.
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GYL Life-Skill Platform

Get a taste of the GYL life-skills
through this monthly subscription to the online GYL Platform for exclusive GYL life-skills.
$12 for a full year (paid yearly)

GYL Life-Skill Platform

Get a full year of empowerment with GYL life-skills through this yearly subscription to the online GYL Platform for exclusive GYL life-skills.
  • Monthly roundtables
  • Monthly international speaker events
  • Life-Skill courses with articles, videos, illustrations and exercises
  • Weekly polls & questions
  • International connections
Purchase now (you are redirected straight to the GYL Platform)
  • Monthly roundtables
  • Monthly international speaker events
  • Life-Skilll courses with articles, videos, illustrations and exercises
  • Weekly polls & questions
  • International connections
Purchase now (you are redirected straight to the GYL Platform)
What they say
Bob ten Haaken
Business Analyst
"Reminders that we are not 'alone', that much of our struggles are collective and we can also find collective support in that way. Opportunities for reflection, both personally and professionally, and a chance to delve deep into yourself and find what your personal challenges have been."
Ludovico Crisanti
Rome, Italy
"GYL is such an eye opener. Its workshops have shed light on my path and blessed me with a safe space where I can discuss my professional and intellectual evolution. I have been enriched by the tactful honest and hopeful words of the many international, young people involved."
Courtney Merhab
Workplace services coordinator
"I have taken around 6 talent development courses and this was better than any of them. It's difficult for me to open up sometimes and be vulnerable, but you created the safest space to do so, and I felt SO comfortable. I appreciated the transparency and rawness of it."