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creating life by your own design
We take a closer look at the underlying elements that influence our decision-making, like our environment and the players in it, our mindset and the challenges we encounter. By understanding those elements, we can direct our personal and professional lives in a way that aligns with our needs.
Managing the external players in the playing field
We live in a dynamic environment filled with all kinds of players. This 'Playing Field' not only shapes us as individuals but also heavily impacts our decision-making process. Taking a look inside allows us to understand it, so we can confidently shift the weight of the influences, and become more resilient,
Seeing Clearly:
the power of our intuition
One of the tools that we can use to see clearly is our intuition. Even though we have this wonderful built-in system, our intuition doesn't always get the space due to expectations from the world around us. Developing our intuition often leads to increases in clarity and effective decisions.
Challenges as
opportunities for Growth
Even though challenges are often seen as something we'd like to get away from, they are perfect opportunities for us to grow, to develop new skillsets, to learn about ourselves and the world, and to learn how to take charge of our personal and professional life regardless of what gets thrown our way.
Navigating Life
in Times of Change
The recent pandemic has made it clear once again that throughout our lives we encounter all kinds of minor and major, self-chosen and unexpected, controllable and uncontrollable changes that can deviate our planning and goals slightly but also suddenly push our life in a completely different direction.
Creating life with Courage: managing our fears
When making decisions, we have the choice to create from a place of courage, creativity, and connection, or from a place of disconnection, doubt, obligation and fear. Creating from fear usually leads to more suboptimal decision-making, creating from courage usually leads to more beneficial decision-making.
Hear what students and staff members say
about the workshop!
"The space that was created and maintained throughout the workshop definitely presented me with the chance to be myself. I think everyone entered the room with a genuine desire to learn and grow from the experience, and that allowed me to tap more deeply into my vulnerabilities, hopes, and fears."
-1st year university freshman
"The people managing the workshop were nice and organised. I liked that they introduced me to tools which are basically solutions. They aided me to have self-confidence. They utilized strong words to make me feel interested."

"How difficult situations are just something you go through they will not stop life. The importance is to give the best in every situation and not wait for the circumstances to change."
-Grade 8, 12 students
"A workshop like this offers for young people to connect and to understand that they are not alone in feeling confused or unsure about what choices to make in their life, and to be able to actually talk to other young people in similar situations about their ideas, issues, and choices."
-Grade 12 Senior

"Christiaan and the Global Young Leaders team led an insightful and growth-oriented workshop with our 8th graders. The students were receptive and engaged, and benefited greatly from the positive-mindset reframing and collaborative aspects
of the discussion. We are grateful for the GYL team
during these difficult times!"

-Administrator at an international middle and high school
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Unique aspects of our programs
Peer-to-peer focus
All content is developed by young people for young people, and is entirely based on real-world, practical experiences from young people from different cultures, backgrounds from all around the world.
Open and non-judgmental settings
Settings that foster open dialogue and connection and strip away external pressure so that young people can connect clearly to what they feel, think, need, and desire.
Students as expert of their experiences
Instead of seeking answers outside themselves, we approach students as experts, seeking the answers within themselves first and using insights that feel right to them, we create a setting of empowerment.
Real-world and important life topics
Themes that lie at the core of our human experience: decision-making, mindset, navigating change, dealing with external pressures, challenges.
Practical tools and approaches
Students develop and exchange individualized and practical toolbox filled with solutions, insights, life approaches and life-skills.
Workshop facilitators
Our worskhops facilitators come from around the world and most of them are graduates of the international school system.
What will students walk away with?
1. Understanding and insight into their personal decision-making process

2. Awareness into their personal challenges around dealing with change

3.A method for shifting experiences and challenges into learning opportunities

4. Awareness about external influences and pressures and how to redirect them

5. A personalized toolbox to take on real-world challenges

Feeling more connected to themselves and their peers

7. Resilience, confidence, and mindset to
take on (unexpected) life changes
The format of the workshops
Pre-meeting with the institute (online)

In a pre-meeting we make the workshops tailor-made to your institute with respect to:
  • duration of the workshop; 1-2.5 hours depending on age group
  • size of the groups of students
  • dates of the workshop
  • simultaneous or sequential order (we can host two workshops at the same time)

Pre-activities for students

Students receive prepration questions a week in advance to spark reflection and will be sent an introduction video of the facilitators to get acquainted.

Format switches dynamically from group to individual and from past, present, to future

Example of a workshop flow:
  • Short introduction of the GYL initiative and creation of open setting.
  • A theory section in which we offer a specific framework for looking at the student's experiences.
  • Breakout sessions in which students will pair up and work on a reflection exercise regarding their experiences.
  • Group discussion about their findings .
  • Peer-to-peer group sharing around solutions, tools and opportunities.
  • Individual reflection exercise that integrates perspectives towards the future.
  • What tools am I taking away from today?
  • Conclusions & overall takeaways GYL facilitators.
Students receive their worksheet, conclusions and take-aways.

Teachers may take time for a debrief.

Students may revisit their copy of all the worksheets and content covered during the workshop to revisit at any given point in the future.

Want to learn more, ask any questions, or suggest a workshop in your educational institute? Reach out to us through our Global Young Leader Form or send an email to our contact lead