Our key approach adds life-skills to your team
Peer-to-peer learning
and development
Personal leadership enhances professional results
We host peer-to-peer life-skill workshops around key life topics that boost employee well-being, productivity, creativity, adaptability, individual resilience and confidence. The well-being of individuals directly benefits team cohesion and synergy as well as company results.

Our programs empower individuals with life-skills for decision-making, navigating change, external pressure, mindset, and real-world challenges.
We offer 3 varieties of programs
Individual workshops around single key life themes to fit in one of your semesters or well-being weeks.
A 5-session on- or offline program including 5 key life themes to cover a full year of life-skill empowerment.
A global 24/7 online place with events, content pieces, round tables and video's on life-skills for employees.
Leadership Academies and Businesses we work with

Our success formula

Open environment
Teams are brought together in an open, down-to-earth, non-judgmental
and authentic environment
to reflect and discuss about
personal life-skills.
Connection and reflection
Participants are given the room and opportunity to connect, reflect, and discuss, about the important and real-world topics and challenges they all share and experience.
Peer-to-peer understanding
Through dynamic peer-to-peer exchanges, participants learn from each other's life experience and gain understanding into self; behavior, personal limitations, and areas of potential growth.
Individualized approaches
Participants assist each other in developing valuable personalized and practical tools and approaches that aid them in tackling their personal and professional challenges.
Team cohesion & connectivity, prepared & confident employees, able to navigate around personal challenges, so they are able to tackle professional challenges with higher quality and output.
Want to learn more, ask any questions, or suggest a workshop in your leadership institute or business organization? Reach out to us through our Global Young Leader Form
or send an email to christiaan@global-youngleaders.com