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Eight international, young people, from four different continents, shared their experiences and life stories to find answers to life challenges. They listened, they shared their views, and after a few days of reflection, these eight authors, built the practical framework that they considered universally applicable for everybody with room to put in your own experiences. The model has become part of our decision-making handbook that guides you step-by-step with solutions and approaches to create life in your own unique way.
'Being Human' is the newest, published, book of writer Leona Françoise. By using the motto of Global Young Leaders, the book is an inspiring cooperation with Global Young Leaders.

The author Leona Françoise asked 24 young people how they 'create life by their own design'. Her wording makes you feel as if you are experiencing it yourself. Let yourself be inspired, surprised and moved.

Our books are self learning programs to empower individuals
with life-skills for decision-making, navigating change, external pressure, mindset, and real-world challenges.