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The GYL Handbook
by and for young people

A personalized tool for self-directing your life path
The story of the model and how it's created by and for young people
Instead of feeling pushed to follow predefined paths and to live up to social norms, external expectations and societal standards of right and wrong, we questioned how we truly do create life by our own design while facing day-to-day real-world challenges?

Because young people are their own expert to their life challenges, the answers can be found within young people themselves.
How and Why we built it
Eight international, young people, from four different continents, shared their experiences and life stories to find answers to that question. They listened, they shared their views, and after a few days of reflection, these eight authors, built the practical framework that they considered universally applicable for everybody with room to put in your own experiences. The model has become part of our decision-making handbook that guides you step-by-step with solutions and approaches to create life in your own unique way.
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The Decision-Growth Cycle
Meet the handbook authors
Carmen Augusto
26 years old
Beira, Mozambique, Africa
24 years old
Hilversum, the Netherlands, Europe
27 years old
New Jersey, USA, North-America
25 years old
Seattle, USA, North-America
25 years old
Munich, Germany, Europe
24 years old
Incheon, South-Korea, Asia
Ruggero Lambertini
28 years old
Napoli, Italy, Europe
24 years old
Tver, Russia, Eurasia
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