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The GYL Life Training Program

The skills & perspectives you want for life but don't learn in school;
together with young people from around the world;
offered through a unique 5-week online program to empower you to create life by your own design!
A super program over 5 weeks...
5 online sessions LIVE, with hands-on activities and reflections throughout the program.
A global network of young people...
Connect with a diverse group of young professionals and creators (aged 18-35) to exchange experiences.
1 year FREE on the GYL Platform...
Stay on track with a full year of live events, roundtables, contents, and networking, every month.
The GYL Life Training Program, developed by young people, for young people, is the unique online program for young people to empower you to "create life by your own design"!
Tackle your big life's questions and challenges and build personalized and professional tools to master your life's experiences.
Connect; Exchange; Create
"This has been such an incredible program because you may find lots of online programs in a wide range of platforms but I hadn't experienced such committed pasion that GYL provided in each of its sessions. I am a person who loves meeting people from all around the world, but this time, what was most remarkable for me is the personalized attention. During my participation I was understood, listened and felt to be professionally guided when needed."
"The best takeaway from this was that you really meet people who are sort of having these similar issues as you and you can't not just relate but also learn from their experiences as well. I felt very accepted in how I went through my processes and so being part of a small knit community that sort of talk you through it was really helpful. I would definitely recommend it to young people. It's a time of change. Everything is always changing. So it's nice to feel grounded and be able to take the lead of your own life."
Diana Cárdenas Aguiñaga
29, Teacher in Mexico City, from Mexico
Fumika Iwasaki
26, Independent creator and photographer, from USA
"I believe that the insights that I got from this program came exactly at the right time. I have had a difficult time in the previous few months and the reflections, realizations, and comfort that the program and the two facilitators offered meant enormous help in coping with both everyday stress and longer-term worries. So in short, thank you for everything!"
"GYL is such an eye opener. Its workshops have shed light on my path and blessed me with a safe space where I can discuss my professional and intellectual evolution. I have been enriched by the tactful honest and hopeful words of the many international, young people involved."
Dorina Nagy
22, Student in the Netherlands, from Hungary
Ludovico Crisanti
29, Author and poet, from Italy
The GYL Life
Training Program
$299,99 all inclusive
Next start date: 5 JUNE 2022
A 5-week on- and offline program that offers the tools, skills, frameworks and network for self-empowerment and for you to create life by your own design.
Open setting
Active, unscripted, and non-judgemental
Global network
Throughout the program and beyond
Intimate & dynamic
Diverse group of 10-15 participants
Real results
Tangible and practical tools & skills
Unique skills
5 online sessions
Life skills for personal & professional development
LIVE, 2,5 hrs and once a week
8 spots available
*$50 at registration with the rest paid 1 week before start
Life-Skill Certificate
1-year FREE
on the GYL platform
4 unique approaches
It's about you
You stand at the center by bringing in your own "life expertise" and letting that determine and drive the content.
Open understanding about life
We work with "life frameworks", to finally discuss important life themes that we deal with everday.
The setting is truly from young people, for other young people, empowering peer-to-peer exchange through open discussions, personal reflection, and networking.
One-of-a-kind setting
Open, non-judgemental, a space to be yourself - where there are no right or wrong answers except those that bring you forward on your path.
Mastering our Decision-Making

Live session:
Sunday 5 June – 4.30-7.00pm CET
Takeaways: Understanding our decision-making, the elements that influence us, and how to align our decisions with our goals.

  • How to use your decisions to create the life you desire
  • How to make decisions from a place of courage over fear
  • How to learn from experience and never make a wrong decision
Mastering our Playing Field

Live session:
Sunday 12 June. – 4.30-7.00pm CET
Takeaways: Manage and confidently deal with the influences and pressures of our environment and shifting their weight.

  • How to accept the world around you and be confident doing your own thing anyways
  • How to shift the weight and build a supportive environment
  • How to redirect negative influences and cherish the positive ones
Mastering our Inner Voice

Live session:
Sunday 19 June. – 4.30-7.00pm CET
Takeaways: Listening to and empowering our intuition for maximizing personal and professional successes.

  • How to tune-out the surrounding noise to tune-in with yourself
  • How to use your intuition to see clearly what you want and how to achieve it
  • How to maximize success (and happiness) by trusting your inner voice
Mastering our Mindset & Challenges

Live session:
Sunday 26 June. – 4.30-7.00pm CET
Takeaways: Mindset tools and perspectives to flip challenges towards opportunities and empower you in all areas of life.

  • How to change life experiences by shifting how we think
  • How to love your fears to achieve personal and professional growth
  • How to harness the power of (a positive) mindset
Mastering Creating Life by Your Own Design

Live session:
Sunday 3 July – 4.30-7.00pm CET
Takeaways: Building your path forward and the personalized tools and solutions to create life by your design.

  • Tools for the life journey
  • How to take charge of life and integrate your goals in every-day moments and decisions
  • Integrating intuition, decision-making, mindset, challenges and playing field
Mastering Self-Empowerment

The WHOLE year on the GYL Platform
Automatically get one-year FREE access to connect, express and stay supported with clarity, confidence, life-skills and a unique global network; because life continues and so do your questions, challenges, and decisions!

  • Monthly roundtable on unique topics
  • Free flowing content (articles, podcasts, etc)
  • Weekly polls & forums
  • Mini Life-Skill trainings
  • Networking, live events and much more
What it's really like!
Enas Jahangir
Business Analyst
"Reminders that we are not 'alone', that much of our struggles are collective and we can also find collective support in that way. Opportunities for reflection, both personally and professionally, and a chance to delve deep into yourself and find what your personal challenges have been."
Catie Cain
Sales Development Representative, USA
"A safe place to share perspectives, accept weaknesses and reinforce strengths. To present our aspirations and cut out the toxic noise, and receive constructive criticism, as we debate and grow together."
Courtney Merhab
Workplace services coordinator
"I have taken around 6 talent development courses and this was better than any of them. It's difficult for me to open up sometimes and be vulnerable, but you created the safest space to do so, and I felt SO comfortable. I appreciated the transparency and rawness of it."
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