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The GYL Life Training Program

The skills & perspectives you want for life but don't learn in school;
together with young people from around the world;
offered to you in a unique and interactive program to empower you to create life by your own design!
A super program over 5 weeks
5 online sessions LIVE, and hands-on activities to empower you in all directions of life.
A network of global young people
Connect with a diverse group of young people (aged 18-35) to exchange life's experiences and solutions.
A full year FREE on the GYL platform
Live events, workshops, articles, and free-flowing content to practice, network and stay on your path.
Connecting; Exchanging; Creating
Imagine a course that complements life and deals with the real-world challenges we encounter as young people. The GYL Life Training Program is the all-in-one experience developed by young people, for young people to assist you in creating the answers and approaches to YOUR life challenges.
This program is about mastering the big themes found in all areas of life: decision-making, outside influences, mindset, success, challenges, intuition. You'll gain personal and professional skills to boost understanding, deal with the challenges and master them to create life by your own design.
$299,99 all inclusive
15 spots left!
Next start date: 7 November 2021
A 5-week on- and offline program that offers the tools, skills, frameworks and network for self-empowerment and for you to create life by your own design
Open setting
Active, unscripted, and non-judgemental
Global network
Throughout the program and beyond
Intimate & dynamic
Diverse group of 10-15 participants
Real results
Tangible and practical tools & skills
Unique skills
5 online sessions
Life skills for personal & professional development
LIVE, 2 hrs and once a week
Closes - Friday 5 November 2021
$50 at moment of registration
All-in-one program + certificate
Year FREE access to the GYL platform*
Mastering your Decision-Making
Live session: Sunday 7 Nov. – 4-6pm CET
More effective decision-making to create what you desire in life
Mastering our Playing Field
Live session: Sunday 14 Nov. – 4-6pm CET
Manage and confidently deal with the influences and pressures of our environment
Mastering our Inner Voice
Live session: Sunday 21 Nov. – 4-6pm CET
Listening to and empowering our intuition for maximizing success
Mastering our Mindset
Live session: Sunday 28 Nov. – 4-6pm CET
Mindset tools and perspectives for self-empowerment in all areas of life
Mastering our Challenges
Live session: Sunday 5 Dec. – 4-6pm CET
Flipping challenges towards opportunities to maximize career and personal life path
Part Stay on Track
Rest of the year
Automatically get one-year FREE access to the GYL platform; because life continues and so do your questions, challenges, and decisions!
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GYL Life-training Program - Free live sneak peek experience
We're launching a new five-week program meant to put you in the driver seat of your life! Join our free live event hosted on October 16 at 11am EST and find out all the ins & outs of the program.
Our unique setting
Real-time conversations from one young person to another, unscripted, and non-judgmental. Together exchanging diverse real-life experiences and challenges and getting inspired for solutions.
No predefined answers and solutions. This is about YOU at the center, finding personalized tools and approaches that are actually relevant and applicable to the life you're creating.
You at the Center
We provide you with different frameworks to plug-in your own unique life-context. During each session you reflect on your big life themes and get personalized answers and solutions.
Life Frameworks
What it's really like!
Enas Jahangir
Business Analyst
"Reminders that we are not 'alone', that much of our struggles are collective and we can also find collective support in that way. Opportunities for reflection, both personally and professionally, and a chance to delve deep into yourself and find what your personal challenges have been."
Ludovico Crisanti
Rome, Italy
"GYL is such an eye opener. Its workshops have shed light on my path and blessed me with a safe space where I can discuss my professional and intellectual evolution. I have been enriched by the tactful honest and hopeful words of the many international, young people involved."
Courtney Merhab
Workplace services coordinator
"I have taken around 6 talent development courses and this was better than any of them. It's difficult for me to open up sometimes and be vulnerable, but you created the safest space to do so, and I felt SO comfortable. I appreciated the transparency and rawness of it."
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$299,99 all inclusive
GYL Life Training Program
A 5-week on- and offline program that offers the tools, skills, frameworks and network for self-empowerment and for you to create life by your own design. Includes all aspects of the Look-Around Plan.
$7,99 per month
Look-Around Plan
Purchase the look-around plan to get a taste of GYL: connect, express, and stay supported with clarity, confidence, life-skills, and a unique global network.
  • Complete life-skill program with 5 live sessions, and in-between available activities and tools
  • Unique tools, skills and completely personalized life frameworks to tackle the big life themes
  • Small and intimate working group for the duration of the program with personalized attention
  • GYL Life Certificate
  • FREE ticket for a year GYL platform to stay on track (monthly roundtables, speaker events, free flowing content and much more
Purchase now
  • Access to the global GYL Platform and all its tools
  • Completely personalized account and profile
  • Global network of young people around the world
  • Monthly roundtables and live speaker events
  • Free flowing content, articles and podcasts
  • Mini life-skill programs (independent courses) and polls & forums
  • Personalized, practical tools and skills on the big life themes for you to create life by your own design
Available starting from 1 November 2021
Discover the session details
Part 1 - Mastering your Decision-Making
Part 2 - Mastering our Playing Field
Part 3 - Mastering our Inner Voice
Part 4 - Mastering our Mindset
Part 5 - Mastering our Challenges
Part Stay on your Path with the GYL Platform
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Leona Caanen
community host
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