We create environments that foster connection, authenticity, understanding, tools, and confidence to create life by your own design!
Workshops that talk about
the important life topics that matter
The Global Young Leader workshops are about finding your own answers, solutions, and approaches to life's questions, decisions, and challenges.

This is about you. You'll get the room and opportunity to express yourself and freely discuss life, the meaningful and impactful experiences, and challenges in an open, interactive, non judgmental environment with people from all around the globe. We cover the themes that matter: how do I deal with pressure from my environment? How do I use my mindset to tackle worries and self-doubt? How do I make decisions with confidence and joy that are aligned with myself?
We are focused on peer-to-peer solutions. No big name theory or leadership. Just open, honest, and constructive dialogue with people from all over the world around important topics and how you can do better at being yourself. You are the expert of your life. Learn from each other's impactful experiences and stories, get inspired, and develop new approaches for your life story.
Choose Your Workshop!
All workshops will stimulate you to Create Life By Your Own Design.
All workshops are standalone and around 2 hours long with an intimate group of 5-15 young people from all over the world. Currently hosted online due to COVID-19.
What will you walk away with?
-> A strengthened connection to yourself and other young people

-> Awareness and understanding into your unique

-> Practical tools, approaches and insights to take on those challenges and make decisions

-> Resilience, leadership, confidence, joy, and motivation to create your life

-> Being part of a global community of young
people creating life by their own design

What sets us apart?
Find What Works For You
We do not promote a predetermined path but underline that we each need to design our own path with our own unique approaches.
Talk About The Things That Matter
Discuss the meaningful and important life topics and challenges that we all think and care about, but rarely have the opportunity to talk about.
Peer-to-peer Exchange & Solutions
Share your story and learn from the life experiences, approaches, and uniqueness from people from all over the world.
You are encouraged and accepted for who you are and the path you are creating, however you desire to design it.
Practical - Diverse - Relevant
All content is developed by young people for young people, entirely based on their real-world, practical experiences from different cultures, backgrounds, and professional fields.
Community & Meaningful Connections
Make real, open, honest, and lifelong connections and create a global network and support system.
Hear what others have to say!
Want to learn more, ask any questions, or suggest a new location for a next workshop in a city near you? Reach out to us through our Global Young Leader Form or send an email to