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A new drive
by young people
for young people

GYL is expanding to more Hubs!
We're looking for new part-time team members to set up or join the Hubs in the following regions around the world: Africa, Australia/New Zealand, America/Canada and Europe.

Are you interested in learning more? Let's connect and explore!

Email us at
or reach out via the contact page below!
What we do
We bring together young people in open peer-to-peer workshops and communities in which they develop the personalized life skills they need to tackle their important life challenges, decisions, and experiences so that they can create life by their own design.
Why we do it?
All young people have the innate ability, drive, and desire to create life in their own unique way. But they often feel pushed to follow predefined paths and to live up to social norms, external expectations and societal standards of right and wrong. Young people's development is often focused on the accumulation of knowledge, while missing a direct link to the important, personal, and real-world challenges they encounter. There is also little space and opportunity to freely discuss their meaningful experiences with peers in a supportive environment.
The purpose
Our programs do things differently. We stimulate young people to connect to themselves, feel empowered, and define their own internal standards of success and happiness.

We assist young people to see more clearly how to go forward, to overcome decision-stress and feelings of doubt and failure, and to feel prepared for life and its challenges.
Our programs empower you to lead life according to you.
How we work
1. Real world content
All content is developed by young people for young people, and entirely based on real-world, practical experiences from young people from different cultures, backgrounds, and professional fields from all around the world.
2. Non-judgmental environment
Open, non-judgmental, authentic group settings in which young people are accepted for who they are and seen as the experts of their experiences.
3. Connection to self
The stripping away of external noise, pressure, and expectations so that young people can connect to what they feel, think, need, and desire.
4. Connection to others
Connect with people from around the world from different cultures, backgrounds, and professional fields with unique life stories and experiences through peer-to-peer dialogues and exchanges.
5. Awareness & understanding
Freely discuss the important life topics and real-world experiences that young people think and care about. Learn from the experiences and challenges from people from all over the world.
6. Sharing tools and approaches
Young people find what works for them and develop personalized and practical tools and life approaches they need to navigate their unique life challenges and decisions.

Young people become happy when they feel connected to themselves
and feel prepared to take on challenges and create life in their own unique way.
Our programs
Check out our workshops for individuals, schools, universities,
leadership academies,
and businesses.
GYL Community
Join our 24/7 GYL platform and interact with authentic groups of people around the world for meaningful interactions around
life experiences and challenges
that unit us all.
How do we truly create life by our own design? Eight young people from 4 continents found approaches. Check out the result: a universally applicable decision-making handbook.
Are you a school, university, leadership academy or business
looking for workshops. Find out more below.

We've launched our very own online GYL Community that, similar to our workshop today, is focused on connecting with each other through the exchanging of valuable and meaningful experiences.

An authentic, down-to-earth place filled with people from around the globe, in which we are able to have conversations around the topics that we all think and care about, and experience, but not always have the room or opportunity to fully explore in our day-to-day experience.
Build GYL with us
Organize a workshop
in your community.

Do you feel there is a need for programs like ours near you?

Reach out to us and utilize your network to bring our program near you.

Join our peer-to-peer community.

Want to have more conversations about life's challenges and experiences?

Join our community for 24/7 interaction and inspiration.

Create and lead a GYL Hub
in your city!

Do you get excited about our programs? Want to be more involved?

Reach out to us and start working with us.
Invite us for a conference
or leadership program.

Want to know our practical framework for decision-making and life-leadership?

Reach out to us and get excited by our presentation.
Reach out to us through our GYL form or send an email

Stay up to date about our workshops. Get inspired by stories from
our follower base with tips on how to create life by your own design.

Our impact
1.056 life stories

shared with GYL
>50 nationalities

from 6 continents
126.720 minutes

focused on creating life
by your own design
11.748 connections

meaningful connections made to oneself
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