Life skill programs
to master YOUR life
experiences and challenges

What we do

We equip young people with personalized life skills
to make them resilient and empowered
to tackle their important personal and professional life challenges, and decisions
so that they can create life by their own design.

What we do

We equip young people with personalized life skills to make them resilient and empowered to tackle their important personal and professional life challenges, and decisions so that they can create life by their own design.
We offer 3 varieties of programs
An on- or offline 5-session all in-one
life-skill empowering program.
On- and offline live workshops for educational institutes and businesses.
A global online place with events and content pieces on key life themes.
The life skills & perspectives you want for life but don't learn in school, together with young people from around the world, offered to you in a unique and interactive all-in-one program to empower you to create life by your own design!


  • 5 online live sessions of 2.5 hours each
  • Unique frameworks & personalized life-skills
  • Intimate & dynamic open non-judgemental setting
  • Global network opportunities
  • Real life results
  • And 1-year FREE membership to the GYL platform
GYL Life Training Program for self-empowerment for individuals
GYL Life-Skill Workshops
for education & businesses
Organizing dynamic and interactive single or series life skill workshops for young people that have impact and are efficient to integrate in your schedule?
Our vast experience provides answers to schools, universities,
leadership academies, and businesses.
GYL Life-Skill PLatform
for everyone
Monthly membership to the international GYL Platform for understanding key life processes and finding skills to manage life. Join the platform for $1 per month with events, roundtables, articles, podcasts, weekly polls and much more!
Stay supported with life-skills 24/7.
Are you an individual, an educational institute or a business?
By one click you'll find all the program details!
How we work
  • 1. Real world content
    All content is developed by young people for young people, and entirely based on real-world, practical experiences from young people from different cultures, backgrounds, and professional fields from all around the world.
  • 2. Non-judgmental environment
    Open, non-judgmental, authentic group settings in which young people are accepted for who they are and seen as the experts of their experiences.
  • 3. Connection to self
    The stripping away of external noise, pressure, and expectations so that young people can connect to what they feel, think, need, and desire.
  • 4. Connection to others
    Connect with people from around the world from different cultures, backgrounds, and professional fields with unique life stories and experiences through peer-to-peer dialogues and exchanges.
  • 5. Awareness & understanding
    The GYL frameworks allow young people to understand the process behind the different life themes. They show how young people can take the lead over their own unique life experiences and challenges.
  • 6. Sharing tools and approaches
    Young people find what works for them and develop personalized and practical tools and life approaches they need to navigate their unique life challenges and decisions.

Young people feel OK when they feel connected to themselves and
feel prepared to take on challenges and create life in their own unique way.
About our programs & network
  • Ludovico Crisanti
    "GYL is such an eye opener. Its workshops have shed light on my path and blessed me with a safe space where I can discuss my professional and intellectual evolution. I have been enriched by the tactful honest and hopeful words of the many international, young people involved."
  • Courtney Merhab
    "I have taken around 6 talent development courses and this was better than any of them. It's difficult for me to open up sometimes and be vulnerable, but you created the safest space to do so, and I felt SO comfortable. Also, sharing some of their experiences was amazing to hear and really set the tone for the rest of the session. I appreciated the transparency and rawness of it."
  • Daria Dimitrova
    It was so inspiring to take part in one of the first workshops in Amsterdam. The thought-provoking and empowering framework for sharing and reflecting on how we make path-defining choices is a beautiful way to inspire positivity and most importantly, to connect with awesome people with diverse experiences.
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3.495 life stories

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