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life-skill workshops

Preparing your students for the real-world
Workshops that talk about the soft-skills that matter for real-world challenges
We organize open and personalized peer-to-peer learning workshops at schools and universities in which students are given the room to freely discuss their meaningful and real-world experiences, gain understanding into themselves; behavior and limitations, and develop personalized and practical tools and approaches to navigate their real-world challenges and decisions so they can create life by their own design.
Our programs are focused around key topics like decision-making, well-being, mindset, soft-skill development, and real-world challenges!
Unique aspects of our programs
Peer-to-peer focus
All content is developed by young people for young people, and is entirely based on real-world, practical experiences from young people from different cultures, backgrounds from all around the world.
Open and non-judgmental settings
Settings that foster open dialogue and connection and strip away external pressure so that young people can connect clearly to what they feel, think, need, and desire.
You are the expert
Creates settings where young people are given authority as the experts of their own experience and solutions.
Real-world and important life topics
Themes that lie at the core of our human experience: decision-making, mindset, navigating change, dealing with external pressures, challenges.
Practical tools and approaches
Students develop and exchange individualized and practical life approaches and tools.
Workshop facilitators
Our worskhops facilitators come from around the world and most of them are graduates of the international school system.
Choose a workshop that fits
your educational program

Currently hosted online due to COVID-19.
Decision-making: Living Life By Your Own Design

Decision-making is the central mechanism through which we create our lives.
Through this workshop students gain clear understanding and insight into all the processes and influences that play a key role when we create our life's path. The workshop guides students to develop a personalized approach to decision-making and create individualized tools to realize personal and professional goals, lead life with confidence, and create their individual path to success and happiness.

What will students walk away with?

1. Understanding and insight into their personal decision-making process

2. A personalized toolbox to take on real-world challenges

3. Increased effective decision-making, leadership, and confidence

4. A personalized method for self-directing our life experiences

Hear what students and staff members say
about the workshop!
"The space that was created and maintained throughout the workshop definitely presented me with the chance to be myself. I think everyone entered the room with a genuine desire to learn and grow from the experience, and that allowed me to tap more deeply into my vulnerabilities, hopes, and fears."
-1st year university freshman
"Going through the challenge of making a decision that will fundamentally change the course of your life is no easy task. This helped organize the chaos during of the decision making process and allows you to be more aware of what is causing you to choose one way or another."
-Grade 11 Junior
"A workshop like this offers for young people to connect and to understand that they are not alone in feeling confused or unsure about what choices to make in their life, and to be able to actually talk to other young people in similar situations about their ideas, issues, and choices."
-Grade 12 Senior
"Christiaan and the Global Young Leaders team led an insightful and growth-oriented workshop with our 8th graders. The students were receptive and engaged, and benefited greatly from the positive-mindset reframing and collaborative aspects
of the discussion. We are grateful for the GYL team
during these difficult times!"

-Administrator at an international middle and high school

Navigating Life in Times of COVID:
leading yourself through big changes

While COVID disrupts and confronts our lives in new and unexpected ways, these challenges create great opportunities for us to learn, grow, and develop ourselves. We just have to know how and where to look. Through the use of mindset and perception, students train to look beyond the context and towards the opportunities that are hidden beneath their COVID challenges – a skill they will take with them in all future experiences. Students develop personalized and practical tools to move through their COVID experience with confidence and realize that they are in charge regardless of what life throws at them.
What will students walk away with?
1.Feeling more connected to themselves and their peers

2.Awareness and understanding into their personal COVID challenges and limitations

3.A method for shifting experiences and challenges into learning opportunities

4. With immediately implementable practical tools to move through their COVID challenges

5. Resilience, confidence, and mindset to
take on future unexpected changes and disruption

Hear what students say about the workshop!
"The affirmation that you are not the only one struggling in times of COVID, useful and valuable experiences of others and an open environment in which everything can and may be discussed. Tools on how to accept that COVID does not get in the way of your ultimate happiness. Design your life by thinking in ways that are possible in times of COVID, do not focus on what is not possible currently."
-Master student in the Netherlands
"The people managing the workshop were nice and organised. I liked that they introduced me to tools which are basically solutions. They aided me to have self-confidence. They utilized strong words to make me feel interested."

"How difficult situations are just something you go through they will not stop life. The importance is to give the best in every situation and not wait for the circumstances to change."
-Grade 8, 12 students, Belgium & Germany
"The fact that it was actually useful, interesting and engaging. Zoom can be really dull sometimes, but this was not the case; the workshop helped me get an insight of myself I didn't have before"

"I think it was very useful for me to take time to reflect upon the experiences I have had so far during COVID and look for the opportunities in them instead of the limitations."
-Grade 12 Seniors, Italy & Denmark
The format of the workshops
Pre-meeting (online)
In a pre-meeting with your educational institute we make the workshops tailor-made to your institute with respect to:
  • duration of the workshop; 1-2.5 hours depending on age group
  • size of the groups of students
  • dates of the workshop
  • simultaneousness or sequential order (we can host three workshops at the same time)

Pre-activities for students
Students receive prepration questions a week in advance to spark reflection and will be sent an introduction video of the facilitators to get acquainted.

Workshop format switches between different exercises (individual, breakout, group) and focus points in past, present, and future making it one dynamic whole.

  • Short introduction of the GYL initiative and creation of open setting.
  • A theory section in which we offer a specific framework for looking at the student's experiences.
  • Breakout sessions in which students will pair up and work on a reflection exercise regarding their experiences.
  • Group discussion about the findings from the breakout sessions.
  • Peer-to-peer group sharing around solutions, tools and opportunities.
  • Individual reflection exercise that integrates perspectives towards the future:
  • What tools am I taking away from today?
  • Conclusions & overall takeaways GYL facilitators.
Students receive their worksheet, conclusions and take-aways.

Teachers may take time for a debrief.

Students may use their worksheet to discuss with a familymember and ask questions to familymembers.

Want to learn more, ask any questions, or suggest a workshop in your educational institute? Reach out to us through our Global Young Leader Form or send an email to our contact lead