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Our key approach adds soft-skills to your team
Peer-to-peer learning
and development
Personal leadership enhances professional results
We host peer-to-peer learning and skill development workshops around meaningful real-world topics that increase team cohesion, connectivity, and boost employee well-being, productivity, (creativity) and adaptability.

Our programs target key topics like decision-making, well-being, mindset, navigating change, soft-skill development, and real-world challenges.

Our success formula

Open environment
Teams are brought together in an open, down-to-earth, non-judgmental and authentic environment.
Connection and reflection
Participants are given the room and opportunity to connect, reflect, and discuss, about the important and real-world topics and challenges they all share and experience.
Peer-to-peer understanding
Through dynamic peer-to-peer exchanges, participants learn from each other's life experience and gain understanding into self; behavior, personal limitations, and areas of potential growth.
Individualized approaches
Participants assist each other in developing valuable personalized and practical tools and approaches that aid them in tackling their personal and professional challenges and experiences.
Team cohesion & connectivity, prepared employees, able to navigate around personal challenges, so they are able to generate higher quality and output to the professional challenges.
Hear it from the people that matter most
"A safe place to share perspectives, accept weaknesses and reinforce strengths. To present our aspirations and cut out the toxic noise, and receive constructive criticism, as we debate and grow together. (American, 27)"

"I have taken around.6 talent development courses and this was better than any talent development course." (Salesforce, 29)
"Be confident in yourself and trust your intuition over others opinions and expectations of you. Strengthen your internal filter to accept outside feedback from people you trust and reject from people you don't." (Salesforce, 31)

"It was great! I would take it again and again, maybe with other themes outside of Covid. Just a great program to have as a resource to spend some time in your brain with like-minded people." (Salesforce, 23)
"The intellectual conversations we had building on each other's thoughts and ideas. It truly felt collaborative." (Salesforce, 31)

"I found this workshop incredibly insightful. I've participated in similar workshops through salesforce and they were good but a little less personal than yours. (Salesforce, 24)"
"My team and I thoroughly enjoyed the Global Young Leader's Navigating Life in Times of COVID Workshop. (facilitators) Nancy and Christiaan were awesome, empathic facilitators who took the time to learn about our experiences and shared best practices on how to tackle our pandemic challenges. I would recommend this workshop to any teams who've been working virtually and haven't had a chance to connect on a deeper level to talk about what is going on outside of work. I look forward to exploring more of the Global Young Leader's offerings. Thank you again, Nancy and Christiaan!" (Salesforce, Justin)
Choose a workshop that fits
your leadership program

Currently hosted online due to COVID-19.
Living Life by your own Design

This workshop is for anyone looking to make more decisions from a place of confidence, joy, and alignment with their personal needs and desires. You'll develop personalized tools and approaches so that you can move through your life challenges and create life on your own terms.
Navigating Life in Times of COVID:
leading yourself through big changes
This workshop is for anyone looking to find the hidden opportunities within their COVID challenges. We just have to know how and where to look. Connect to what you find important and learn how to deal with unexpected challenges and change - something that life is full of.
Areas of Expertise
We help develop young architecture companies and teams that innovate urban planning
We can estimate your company's opportunities, explore your economic status, analyze your vehicle access and foot traffic.
We develop the main conception of a business according to the company's targets and develop strategies of competitive advantage.
Leadership Academies and Businesses we work with

Decision-making: Living Life By Your Own Design

Decision-making is the central mechanism through which we create our lives.
Through this workshop participants gain clear understanding and insight into all the processes and influences that play a key role when we create our life's path. The workshop guides participants to develop a personalized approach to decision-making and create individualized tools to realize personal and professional goals, lead life with confidence, and create their individual path to success and happiness.

What will participants walk
away with?

1. Increased connection to self and team members

2. Understanding into the driving elements that impact decision-making processA personalized toolbox to take on real-world challenges

3. Practically and personally relevant tools and approaches for tackling personal and professional challenges

4. Increased effective decision-making, leadership, and confidence

Navigating Life in Times of COVID: leading yourself through big changes

While COVID disrupts and confronts our lives in new and unexpected ways, these challenges create great opportunities for us to learn, grow, and develop ourselves. We just have to know how and where to look. Through the use of mindset and perception, participants train to look beyond the context and towards the opportunities that are hidden beneath their COVID challenges – a skill relevant for all future experiences. Participants develop personalized and practical tools to move through their COVID experience with confidence and realize that they are in charge regardless of what life throws at them.
What will participants walk away with?

1. Increased connection to self and team members

2.Awareness and understanding into their personal COVID challenges and limitations

3.A method for shifting experiences and challenges into learning opportunities

4. Immediately implementable practical tools to move through their COVID challenges

5. Resilience, confidence, and mindset to
take on future unexpected changes and disruption

The format of the workshops
  • Duration varies from 2-2.5 hrs depending needs.
  • Scheduling can be organized tailor-made depending on the needs and preference of the team/company.
  • We are able to accommodate all timezones
  • Workshops can be organized during company hours, evenings, or on weekends.
  • We are able to run three workshop simultaneously
  • Workshop format switches between different exercises (individual, breakout, group) and has focus points in past, present, and future making it one dynamic whole.
  • Participants receive prepration questions a week in advance to spark reflection.
  • Post-workshop, each participant will receive a copy of all content to revisit at any given point in the future
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